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"D" River Beach Wayside State Park - Lincoln City

D River Beach Wayside - Lincoln City, ORThis park features a beautiful panoramic view right from the middle of Lincoln City. The park sits next to "D" River. This small water channel empties water from Devils Lake into the Pacific Ocean and is said to be "The World's Smallest River." 

"D" River Beach Wayside offers an amazing beach just a few steps off the parking lot. Also around this park, you will see Kyllo's Seafood & Grill, sitting right on top of "D" River, on the North side of the park. This restaurant is perched just above the river and offers an ocean front view setting for dinner. If you forgot your kite, just walk across the street to Flying Things, a small business offering every kind of kite the wind can carry! There is also a coffee shop, Chinese restaurant, and several hotels surrounding the park. 

Park hours are between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm every day. There is public restroom access and parking for about 100 cars. Five simple steps out of the parking lot and you are sifting the sand with your toes. This park is mostly setup for beach access, and is not the traditional picnic spot; although you can probably find a nice piece of drift wood to have a seat on. 

If you are trying to find this park, you won't have to look too hard. Just take Highway 101 towards the middle of Lincoln City till you are right next to the Ocean. This is the only spot in Lincoln City where Highway 101 crawls right up beside the Pacific. Look for 'D' Sands Motel as a landmark for this spot. The hotel sits on the southern tip of the park. 

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